Valve Automotive - About Us


At Valve Automotive Technology we specialise in the care and maintenance of all motor vehicles whether they be standard family cars, vans or high performance sports cars. Valve Automotive Technology has been at the forefront of automotive excellence for well over a decade.

The standard motor car has progressed from being purely a mechanical challenge to one where electronics & computer aided engine management technology is as crucial to the well-being of the car as the hardware and metal. You can be rest assured that Valve has the technology to get the most out of your vehicle and have it economically performing at its optimum level.

This level of attention to your vehicle is crucial as it will save on engine and mechanical wear and tear not to mention saving thousands of pounds on fuel bills over the lifetime of the vehicle. For diesel engines, Valve have a state-of-the-art Diesel Tuning centre to get even more miles-to-the-pound from your fuel. Valve also has a very competitive provision for Fleet maintenance contracts and trade accounts; please contact Kevin Gascoigne for full details.