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Valve Automotive

Founded in 2006 by time-served engineers and brothers Tony and Kevin Gascoigne, Valve Automotive has been at the forefront of automotive excellence for well over a decade. Tony and Kevin have over 60 years combined industry experience and have seen the standard motor car progress from being purely a mechanical challenge to one where electronics and computer aided engine management technology is as crucial to the well-being of the car as the hardware and metal.

Valve have yet again upgraded their State-of-the-Art motorcycle MOT Bay to 2016 specifications together with the very latest gas analyser for all petrol and diesel engines. Cars, Bikes, two wheels or four...Valve Automotive is all you will ever need to keep your car or motorcycle where it should be..... on the road.

All Valve Automotive Technicians are qualified time-served craftsmen with over 150 years of industry experience between them. Their many years of service has stretched over many company's including Audi, VW, BMW, FIAT, Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota and many more besides. You can rest assured that no matter the make or model of vehicle, Valve will have the right solution to suit you.